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The P25 Network for Locals

Welcome to the Spring 2017 edition of the RACOM Repeater! Thanks for taking a moment to catch up. The most frequent question I’m asked lately is, “What is the SARA Network?” Here’s a quick overview and update to the SARA Network. SARA stands for Shared Area Radio Agreement. SARA is the connection of dozens of 700 MHz and 800 MHz […]

Meet Denise Pavlick Scott Emergency Communication Center Director

Denise Pavlik’s job isn’t a cakewalk. As Scott Emergency Communication Center (SECC) Director in Scott County, Pavlik runs one of the largest 911 centers in Iowa. She comes in early, stays late, and has her hand in many projects to ensure her center has the most up-to-date equipment and ability to send first responders to […]

How Can Law Enforcement Find Stolen Electronics?

If you fear your smartphone or other electronic device was stolen or several were removed from your store, you may want to talk to Iowa City Police Officer David Schwindt. Schwindt, along with developers Jeff Bromberger and Peter Scott, invented a brand-new tool to help law enforcement officials find stolen electronic devices of all types. […]

Lincoln: Installing a New Phoenix G2 Fire Station Alerting System

With population growth comes increased calls to first responders. Such is the case in Lincoln, Nebraska, where there’s been a 300% increase in call volume over the last 20 years. With 14 stations to handle the call load and the city building five more in the near future, department members needed something to help ease […]

Marion County Sheriff Jason Sandholdt Upgrades Communications

For law enforcement members in Marion County — with a population of 33,000 covered by an office with two lieutenants and 11 county deputies — it was time for a communications upgrade. The old system Sheriff Jason Sandholdt and his deputies were relying on a standard, analog VHF system. “We’re not just a law enforcement […]

Body Cams: Three Iowa Officials Speak Out

Police officer body cameras use in the field isn’t a new concept. However, the call for officials to utilize these products has increased exponentially due to the number of incidents over the last few years involving police. But emphasis on increased usage hasn’t come from concerned citizens alone: In 2015, members of a task force […]

Welcome to the Holiday Edition!

Welcome, everyone, to the holiday edition of the RACOM Repeater. I hope your holiday season is going well! As I sit here at my desk writing this on Thursday, Dec. 7, 2016, I’m looking out the window watching snowflakes fly and see the wind chill is hovering around zero degrees. As they say on one of […]

For calls during flood, Eastern Iowa police looked long distance

By Lee Hermiston, used with permission Originally released by The Gazette Oct. 16, 2016 IOWA CITY — Though miles away from the Cedar River, Johnson County’s Joint Emergency Communication Center nearly played a vital role in Cedar Rapids’ flood response plans. In the world of emergency communications, there are three conditions communications officials prepare for. […]

The Dodge Ram 1500 4×4 R1 Continues to Roll

The Dodge Ram 1500 4×4 is a rugged and sound choice for our RACOM1 (R1) demonstration vehicle. It can handle a variety of cargo needs and hauling situations, and it’s a technical geek’s dream. Equipped with the latest in computer and radio technology, it allows us to maximize our use from it, and it represents […]

RACOM Wins St. Croix County, Wisconsin, Contract

St. Croix County, Wisconsin, officials selected and awarded a contract to Marshalltown, Iowa, RACOM Corporation for county public safety radio communications system improvements. The action followed a county request for proposals (RFP) issued in August 2016. County personnel received five proposals from four vendors in response to their RFP. County Emergency Support Services staff and […]

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